Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun Things We Do As a Family:

* We play hide-n-go-seek with Addyson which entails us turning off the lights in her room (there is still the night light) and hiding in various corners until she can find us. That sounds kind of bad...but it's hilarious. She giggles so hard when she finds us. The only thing is we have to lock the dog out of the room because he is a dead give away!

* We are potty training so we keep books in the bathroom to read because sometimes she can take quite a long time to finish up! Then she gets her "special potty treat" which is chocolate teddy grahams =)

* We sing songs in the car and go over all of our animal sounds

* We have family cuddle time on the floor (which Adam is doing right now but i'm busy in the kitchen so I blog in between batches of cookies)

* We have taught Addyson to pound (aka fist bump) so she will ask people for a pound and stick out her fist (because she is adorable)

* When I put make-up on in the morning Addyson stands next to me and puts it on also (pretend of course)

* The other day Adam asked Addyson to put her milk cup on the counter and she didn't understand so she went to put it in the garbage =) I love her

* We have family dance parties in the living room and Addyson outshines us all

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