Thursday, February 11, 2010

50th Birthday, Superbowl, Wedding Updates, & More

My dad never expects much for his birthday. Every year passes with the regular routine; we go out to dinner (he pays), go to my parents house to eat cake, open presents. So for the big 5-0 we decided to throw him a suprise party, and boy was he suprised.

My parents newly finished basement with decorations for the party

My brother Stephen and his fiance Morganne, with my sister-in-law Alysha and baby boy unknown =)

Papa wanted his grandkids to share the moment with him, cousin Jordan couldn't wait to dig into the cake

The day went very well, considering we had to stall for a half hour so more guest could show up. I'm sure my dad would have been just as happy with just the family there but it was nice for him to see some friends he hadn't seen for a while.

After the party Adam and I went to get our other couch since it was finally in stock! So we now have a complete living room set again and I love it.
I had such high hopes for Superbowl Sunday considering I won a party for 28 people and I love the Superbowl in general. Unfortunately, I had an arguement with my brother just before it started so I was fighting back tears the entire night...can't believe I just admitted that.

Wedding update time!
My matron-of-honour sent me an e-mail today saying she had the invitations ready for my bridal shower I just need to get the last addresses to her so she can send them out. Holy cow, when did time move so fast. So today I finished putting my invitations together so I can get them printed this weekend.

A random ettiquette question for all of you, how do I let my guests know where I am registered? I don't want to put the little cards I got from Target and Bed,Bath,& Beyond because my invites are full enough without extra pieces of paper. There seems no way to do this tastefully, except not to do it at all....advice is needed.

And lastly, I think I have found my bridesmaid gifts but I don't know if it would be weird to have pearls for them when I don't have a single pearl in my wedding. Advice on that also would be good =)

Until next time...


  1. So, for our registry, we printed out little business size cards at Kinko's on nice paper that listed where we were registered. It used to be considered tacky, and I guess it still is if you are being really traditional, but if you are hoping to get the things you registered for, then there's really not a way around it unless you're hoping the places are spread by word-of-mouth. I've also seen people print it small on the back of invitations if you don't want to include extra things in your invites. Or on the back of directions to the wedding or something.

    As for bridesmaid pearls, it's not weird at all! If you think they will look good with their dresses, then go for it! Hope this helps! Just remember - it's YOUR day, so do exactly what YOU want!

  2. I agree with Kaitlyn. The business card is a great idea. Just say Adam and Laura are registered at.... I know that for our wedding we didn't have that in our invites and people asked a lot, so I don't think it would be tacky at all.

    Pearls are simple and go with everything. I think they will make a great gift. It is the look you want your girls to have then go for it! I had pearls for both of my sister-in-laws weddings and they didn't have them as a part of their stuff and they worked perfectly! Enjoy all the plans as things start to come together!