Monday, May 3, 2010

Details, details, details...

Ok, so we are officially in the last 3 weeks before the wedding. It's hard to believe that I have been engaged for over a year and it is all about to come down to this one day that took so long to plan and pull together. It's just un-real.

Coming up it's all the last minute details and paying off all remaining balances. The good news is majority of the "big" expenses are taken care of it's just these little things that are all over the place.

On Friday we will have our final walk-through/details meeting with the hotel and actually go to the ceremony site and plan things out. Where the alter will be, how the chairs will be set up, where our water station is, where our grand entrance will come from, and many other details. What's awesome is the next day we have the MS walk at the same sculpture park where our ceremony is so I get to see it all two days in a row!!

Just a glimpse of it's beauty...
So what still needs to be done:
1) The wedding programs.
I printed 75 and had my bridesmaids over to assemble them and I hate them. I feel like I have so many unique aspects to my wedding that my programs just fell short of what I pictured. I am a person who is very into details, I like to remember absolutely everything and the programs are just not...good enough. So, it's back to the drawing board and hopefully I'll come up with something SOON!
2) The favors.
I have a great idea for favors I just haven't been able to track down a place where I can get them. They used to be carried in bulk at our Sam's club but not anymore...I'll have to clear out shelves at another local store I guess.

3) The intro into the reception.
Adam and I have an intro planned and it is awesome but there is an aspect of it that we have to get creative with and it's just not happening! I wish I could divulge more information but I don't want to ruin the surprise for our guests =)
4) Finishing the gifts for our groomsmen and ushers
Things are coming together!!


IN 27 DAYS!!!