Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

We didn't send a letter out with this year's card, but here is what we did this year!

Addyson turned 1 in March and I went a little crazy on a party for her. We had about 30 people attend and she had a blast. She learns new words every day and loves reading, singing, and imitating her all her animal sounds.

I am still able to stay at home with Addyson and am thankful for each day I get with her. The job market is just not working in my favor this year! During the days we love to go to the park, visit her Grandma and Papa (my mom and dad), and of course play with cousin Jordan.

Adam is still working for Hach and loves his job (most days). He is able to be home with us by 3:30 daily so we are very grateful for the time we get to spend together. We normally have so much to do when he gets off work it probably still feels like work!

In June we purchased our first home together! It is still a work in progress, there is still so much I want to do around here, but time and money sometimes run short. Having this home is such a blessing and it's nice to call a place "home" after apartment living for so long.

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and travel safe to be with friends and family.

Merry Christmas!!

Next year I hope we have much more to report on including Addyson's 2nd birthday and our wedding in May!

Our Save the Date for those who were wondering what it looked like =)

*I erased our last names for privacy reasons

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun Things We Do As a Family:

* We play hide-n-go-seek with Addyson which entails us turning off the lights in her room (there is still the night light) and hiding in various corners until she can find us. That sounds kind of bad...but it's hilarious. She giggles so hard when she finds us. The only thing is we have to lock the dog out of the room because he is a dead give away!

* We are potty training so we keep books in the bathroom to read because sometimes she can take quite a long time to finish up! Then she gets her "special potty treat" which is chocolate teddy grahams =)

* We sing songs in the car and go over all of our animal sounds

* We have family cuddle time on the floor (which Adam is doing right now but i'm busy in the kitchen so I blog in between batches of cookies)

* We have taught Addyson to pound (aka fist bump) so she will ask people for a pound and stick out her fist (because she is adorable)

* When I put make-up on in the morning Addyson stands next to me and puts it on also (pretend of course)

* The other day Adam asked Addyson to put her milk cup on the counter and she didn't understand so she went to put it in the garbage =) I love her

* We have family dance parties in the living room and Addyson outshines us all

Feeling Nostalgic

Today has been a hard day for me. Maybe it's the weather that is making me depressed, I don't know. My mind has been racing all day thinking about things I don't want to be thinking about.

It's really tough knowing that what I want for Christmas this year can not be wrapped, bought, given, made by elves, or delivered by Santa. Money can not buy what I want for Christmas. This year I have realized the only thing I really want for Christmas is one more Christmas with my Grandma.

Not a day goes by that she doesn't cross my mind and make me remember how much she affected my life. She is by far the most remarkable, kind hearted, selfless person I have ever met and will ever know. Anyone who knew her could depend on her for advice, a hug, a joke that she couldn't finish because she would start laughing too hard half-way through. I can't help but think of how hard it has been for my family over these past few years getting by without her because God needed her more then we.

My brothers and I had a special relationship with her because my Grandparents have lived with us since I was in 3rd grade. So losing her was one of the worst times of our lives even though we knew it was coming. I remember James wearing his dress blues to carry her casket out of the church. I remember Stephen keeping up such a brave face until we were about to leave her grave side. I remember bringing Addyson to her grave so she could be with her even though I know that my Grandma is not really there. To say that we had admiration and respect for her is an understatement.

We miss her. We are reminded of her presence daily. I named my daughter after her. And today, is really hard without her.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here are a couple of movies I watch every Christmas season that might not be considered Christmas movies...
"The Family Stone"

Love, love, love this movie. Perhaps it is because they family is so real or perhaps it's because I think Dermont Mulroney is a very attractive man =) Either way, this movie is a staple in this home. On the special features menu is the recipe that Meridith makes and I always wanted to try it, so I did!
Here is the recipe for: Meridith's Strata: A Morton Family Tradition

8 Slices White Bread
8 oz Sliced Mozzarella Cheese
2 Cans (14oz size) Sliced Tomatoes (or sliced fresh)
13oz Can sliced mushrooms, drained (or sauteed fresh mushrooms)
1 Medium Onion, thinly sliced into rings
5 eggs
3 Cups Milk
1 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Oregano
Pinch of garlic salt
Some shredded parmesan cheese
Some sliced black olives (optional)

1. Using a cookie cutter cut bread into shapes or circles (I like using the star). Place bread scraps in bottom of buttered 13 x 9 baking dish.
2. Layer half of the cheese over the bread. Arrange half of the tomatoes and all of the onion rings and mushrooms over the cheese. Cover with the rest of the cheese. Arrange the bread shapes on the cheese. Put slices of the tomato in the center of each bread shape.
3. Combline slightly beaten eggs, milk, salt, oregano, and garlic salt. Pour over bread. Sprinklie the top with Parmesan cheese and dot with olives if desired. Cover.
4. Refrigerate for 6 hours or over night (I did it over night so the flavors would meld together more). Bake 1-1.5 hours in a 325 degree oven, or until knife comes out clean. Let stand 5 minutes to firm.
Serves 8.
"The Holiday"

I don't really know what to say about this movie except that Jude Law is adorable (in the movie not in real life), Kate Winslet is just genuine and sweet and I can see her being like that in real life, and this is Jack Black's finest acting role of his career =)

I will probably blog a lot this week because Adam has to work 2 hours of over time the rest of the week. Which means the Christmas shopping/wrapping/baking/movie watching will be left to me. Luckily Adam is off from Christmas until January 4 so we will see plenty of him soon.

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I need your opinion

I have a couple of options for flower girl dresses and a tux for my ring bearer and I need some help deciding which would look best together.

Option 1 dress:

Pros: It's really cute. The sash can come in chocolate brown to match the groomsmen. The fabric is a perfect match to my wedding dress (just not silk).

Cons: The smallest size they have is a 2T so I would have to get it altered

Option 2 dress:

Pros:Very similar to the first one but comes in a smaller size, also has a chocolate brown sash to match.
Cons: Not the same material but would match my bridesmaids.

Option 1 Suit:
Pros: Would match with the groomsmen perfect (except for the tie)
Cons: On the higher end of my price range
Option 2 Suit:
Pros: More comfortable for a toddler since it's a 3 piece suit.
Cons: Not as formal as the other suit would be
There they are, any comments would be appreciated. Let me know which combinations you like best!
Until next time...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Decorations

We've had our decorations up since just after Thanksgiving but I have yet to show off my new color scheme for this year. Along with the new tree, ornaments, stocking holders...well you'll just have to see for yourself!

Our beautiful tree with gold and brown decor

Brown poinsettia for accents

The stockings hung above the fireplace (that we never turn on because of little fingers)

Our cute little candle holder on the table with Christmas cards from friends and family

Some outdoor wreath's and tree's. They need some embelishment but I haven't had time to mess around with it yet.

There you have it, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This has crazy fun week (besides this awful cold that has kept me on the couch the past couple days)!! Starting with Thursday we had a wonderful dinner at Courtney's new house! Addyson had a great time going up and down all of their stairs and it was nice to catch up with them since they have been ridiculously busy this past month!

Friday night we built gingerbread houses with my brother and his wife*
*when I say we I mean alysha and I built them while the boys watched 'The Hangover'

Saturday morning Addyson and I were able to shop with Courtney for a while until Adam met us to get new cell phones. On Saturday night we had every intention of going to the Parade of Lights but the weather was just too cold for little kids to go to. Plus we were able to watch it on TV on Friday night anyway.

I have been very productive this week when it comes to wedding planning! I got all my save the dates ready and stuffed in envelopes along with my Christmas cards. I have all of my measurements for my bridesmaids done so we can finally get the dresses ordered! I also got a wonderful holiday card from the Embassy Suites where our reception will be held.

Lastly, my brother and his wife found out today if they have a boy or a girl coming to join the family in April, and the verdict is....IT'S A BOY!!! Congratulations James and Alysha on taking one more step to building your family football team =)

Until next time...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

On Thanksgiving Adam's parents called dibs on our family and said that we could "go to the wives house for Christmas", so we packed up early and went to Cheyenne for the day. It was nice to see all of Adam's family but I did miss being with my family also.

Thanksgiving night we decided to go to the COACH factory outlet because they were having a moonlight madness sale and I really wanted to check it out. With a backpack full of blankets and our laptop to watch a movie we stood in line at about 8PM (for a store that opened at 10). By the time we were let in the door the line was out around the building and half way up the back. The sale was not amazing, and I doubt we'll do it again next year, but it was fun experience for us to have together.

I had every intention of waking up at 4AM the next morning to go shopping also, but this was only because my very best friend Christie was in town! We met outside of Super Target at 4:30am with nothing in particiular in mind that we needed to shop for. My main goal for the morning was to find a new camera because mine has been on it's last leg for a while now. I researched all the ads the day before and found the camera I had in mind would be at Staples right across the parking lot from Super Target. I got my camera and a free photo printer to go with it! Unfortunately it had to be delivered so I am waiting at my house today so they don't leave it at the front door. We were done shopping by about 10am so I went home because Adam and my brother James were going to the CSU vs WYO football game.

We agreed that Saturday would be spent resting since our new TV was going to be delivered anyway and Adam wanted everything set up and ready to watch the Florida State game. James came over to help Adam put the TV on the wall and ended up staying to watch the first half of the game with us. Then the Johnson's came over on their way to bring Christie and her husband Dan to the airport to see our new house for the first time.

Sunday we got our family Christmas picutre taken for our Christmas cards which should also be delivered today along with our Save-the-Dates! Then we went over to my parents house to help finish cleaning the basement because they have randomly decided to finish half of it. The carpet got installed yesterday, the walls and ceiling start tomorrow, and the pool table gets delivered on the 10th.

CRAZY!! I would post pictures but they are on my old camera which seems to have gone missing...

Tonight we are going to Courtney's for dinner and to see her new home for the first time! Then this weekend it's the Parade of Lights in Denver (weather permiting) with James, Alysha, and my little nephew Jordan. Along with building gingerbread houses (and train for the kiddos) and homemade ornaments! So excited =) AND luckily i'll be able to take lots of pictures with my new camera!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the month of November I...

Made my first turkey...

for a party we hosted at our new home....

with 23 adults (and 2 toddlers) in attendance.

I forgot.

I forgot the information to my old blog so I had to start a new one. People have informed me that my blog is actually read so hopefully I will keep up on it!!

Until next time...