Sunday, January 31, 2010


What a fun weekend this has been!

One of the perks of Adam's job is he gets to talk with a lot of foreign countries. He specifially works with Germany and the Caribbean at the moment but he used to work with South Africa which leads me to our Friday night. We were able to meet up with a couple of South African business men here for a sales meeting at Adam's work! They were hilarious, it's amazing to talk with people from other countries just to see how different things are! We met up downtown and had drinks at RusticOven and dinner at Austins (all completely paid for because it was a "business" dinner!!). They had a great time admiring our daugher (and who wouldn't?! she's amazing!), and telling us stories from their interesting lives. One of the men, Lino, was born in Australia and then moved to Singapore where he met his wife who moved them to South Africa. It's amazing how different our cultures are because while we move from state to state it seems like most of the foreigners we have met move from country to country! It was an awesome experience for us to have and introduce Addyson to. I love his job =)

On a side note, Adam has become addicted to craigslist and I have to admit I am starting to share this addiction. We had a sectional in our apartment and it worked great but in this new house it just wasn't working with the floorplan. So on a whim I decided to put it up on craigslist and to my amazement we had multiple hits that night. We sold it Saturday morning for an amazing price and bought a new couch that afternoon! So, Saturday was spent moving furniture all around the state, but it was fun! Since we had such an eventful day we spent a quiet night at home and watched The Hangover (aka funniest movie ever!!!) for the 16th time since we bought it, we are a little obsessed. and I made a pan of delicious brownies with my super secret special ingredient, which reminds me I should go eat some right now...

Anywho, today we made a trip down to Adam's oldest brothers house to spend the day with them. Adam and Curt made their way down to the "man cave" to play video games so we sent the kids with them and headed off to the mall. My future sister-in-law Michelle agreed to come with me to finish Adam and my wedding registry at crate & barrel. It was so much fun bringing a girl to register! Because we could plan parties to use each of the items I was registering for, pure amazingness!! Then we made the usual "mom" stops of babies-r-us and sam's to pick things up for the kiddos. Curt and Michelle just had a little boy about 4 months ago and he is such a chunker! So adorable I just wanted to play with him the whole time, I love that age when they just stare and smile at everything you do!

This is going to be a very busy week ahead because I have wedding appointments along with 2 parties to plan next weekend and a night out with "the three best friends that anyone can have"! Very exciting things are coming!!!

Until next time...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have spent way too much time on the internet lately. The first day started looking at stamps of all things, like seriously who looks for stamps on the internet. The 2nd day was spent looking up hair styles for my wedding day. The 3rd day was spent looking for wedding bands for Adam (not like I would buy it without him trying it on but I wanted to get a price scoped out). And today was spent looking for fun beach clothes to bring on my honeymoon. Except now after looking at someone elses blog I found the urge to look at maternity delivery gowns...weird...

So, what else is new...

I had a great night out with two of my bridesmaids Courtney and Julia getting dinner, drinks, and going to a movie. We saw Avatar...not a fan...I might be the only one but I don't care. The visuals were impressive and everything but I didn't agree with the story line, and I don't care to go into any more detail then that!

I got things resolved with my brother on Monday through a heated discussion at a Noodles. Not everything can be forgotten but we are family and its important that we move on because I know I would hate not having him there. It feels good to have a complete wedding party again.

Monday was also my 7 year anniversary with Adam from when he asked me to be his girlfriend =) I can't imagaine spending my life with anyone else and it's amazing how far we have come over these 7 years. We have a beautiful home, an amazing daughter, and more blessings then I can count. I can't wait to marry him in 122 days!!! But who's counting anyway =)

Until next time...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


First off I have to admit that I am getting so excited about our upcoming wedding that all I want to do is talk about it, all the time. I don't know if every bride experiences this or if it is just me but it seems like all I have is wedding on the brain. Adam and I were just going over the budget, guest list, vendor list, etc. and it made me think that I need to start going over things to get the finalized!

I have an amazing florist who I completely trust --growing up in the city I did I just knew that this was the florist to go to--but when I opened up the attachment with my revised list there was missing information as well as incorrect information. Freak out moment.

(1) The most important wrong doing was they had my groom as someone else. What the crap?! The strange part is that I actually know the person who they put as my groom! He used to work with Adam and got married last December =)

(2) The color of my bridesmaid dresses is watermelon? What color is watermelon anyway?! Is it green? or pink? or maybe pink with black spots to represent seeds? Not exactly my style...

(3) They also had my flower girl dropping watermelon rose petals...again, what color is watermelon?!

(4) My boquet will consist of renaculas and red roses...oh wait, all of my flowers are supposed to be white/ivory/off-white/champagne

Just a slight irritation right now, I hope to get this squared away in the morning.

I would hate to go bridezilla on them but you don't mess with a stressed out bride, right?!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Attitude

Today is going to be a new beginning. I have had such a bad attitude lately because of all the stress I am under and have been taking it out on other people. So today is my fresh start for an attitude makeover.

** First thing on the agenda today is getting in a good workout to boost endorphins.

** Then clean up and get ready for the day because James will be stopping by to pick us up to hang out for the day.

** Followed by a wonderful dinner because I found a recipe I have wanted to try for a while now.

** And then ending the night with a little American Idol.

Things are looking up!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fair Weather Friends

I am so irritiated right now. That seems to be a regular trait of mine lately. Today my irritability is stemmed from what I like to call "fair-weather friends". I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. Those friends that are there for you for a week and then you don't hear from them for a month. It's like a fair weather fan where you love your team while they are winning but when they start to lose they are not your team anymore.

Luckily I was able to have a really good conversation with my very best friend Christie today. No matter what she has always been there for me. She was the first one I called when I found out I was pregnant (because as most should know it was not the ideal time for me). I'm pretty sure she knows all of my family's skeletons and I'm pretty sure I know all of hers. An interesting story is that she actually is the one who introduced me to Adam and encouraged me to go out with him. Adam came into our English class 2nd quarter because he had failed previously and sat with Christie because he knew her from math. I found him really annoying and really didn't want him sitting near me because he would always try to talk to me. Well soon enough he wanted to ask for my number and Christie encouraged me to give it to him. I guess you could say the rest is history.

I don't think anyone who reads this blog would know who I'm talking about when it comes to fair-weather friends. Adam and I are just having some issues with friends lately and it sucks since it is so close to the wedding and people we thought we knew are no longer the same.

Alas, this depressing post is coming to an end so I can devote my attention to the biggest loser.

Until next time...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend of Fun!

After the last depressing post I feel like I need a nice one to show I'm not still depressed.

Saturday was such a good day. After that not so good week I needed a time to relax and do some of the things I love. I got my hair colored by my lovely and talented sister-in-law Alysha. She works at this really nice salon in Broomfield called DeMaj (shameless plug) and is able to color my hair for next to nothing (she has to charge me for supplies and of course I give her an OUTRAGEOUS tip). She did an amazing job and we had a very nice chat about the up-coming months (including birthdays, bridal shower, births!!!!, and parties).

When I got home Adam and I had errands to run including finishing our registry at Target and shopping for furniture. Our new house has a layout that just doesn't work well for our sectional, it really takes up an awkward amount of space. So we are searching for a new sofa and love-seat and will either sell our current sectional (since it is very new) or just save our sectional for the basement. We are also in the market for a new tv stand, even though our tv is mounted on the wall, we need something that has more DVD storage and doesn't look as ridiculous as our current one.

This is Adam's first choice, I think it's a tad too long.

The day ended with a dinner at Lonestar (because kids eat free on saturdays!) and a movie on the couch with my loves.

Today we went to the boat show in Denver with my dad, brother James, and nephew Jordan. We had gone last year and the kids had a blast climbing on all the boats and posing with the inflatables. This year however they didnt have the same kid-friendly exhibits. It was still fun though. My dad got more accesories for his boat and Adam picked out our boat.

The interior

The exterior

We came home and took naps, and now i'm blogging while dinner is cooking in the oven. It has been an amazing weekend to an awful week.

Until next time...

Time to Vent

This week has really tried my patience and my sanity. While I was very productive this week it took a lot of will power to make it through each day along with nightly prayer to make the next day better.

Monday; started out promsing we had big plans for the week to get some wedding things accomplished. We got the tuxedo's for our wedding ordered and that is where the week started out bad. Anyone who has planned a wedding lately knows how much things cost but unfortunately our wedding party wasn't expecting the bill. I told my middle brother James who just got married in July how much it was going to cost and he was completely cool with it. I told my oldest brother Stephen how much it would be and he had a horrible reaction and as of right now he is out of the wedding. The story goes much deeper then that but I don't want to air my family's dirty laundry on a public blog.

Tuesday; my mom and I decided to make it a day and go shopping in Denver for mother of the bride dresses and accessories for the wedding. We agreed from the beginning not to complain about anything because we wanted to have a good day. And we did have a good day, until the drive home when she decided we needed to talk about the Stephen situation. There is just so many different sides of the story going on and so many things keep coming out that I didn't know about I just got frustrated for the rest of the day.

Wednesday; Addyson and I had some errands to run around town and my car decided to make this horrible klunking sound. I literally just spent a ton of money to get my car in complete working order and then it decides to crap out. So I called my dad to come rescue me because Adam was at work. I ended up taking it into the car dealership and spending the rest of the day at my parents waiting for the news. Adam had to pick me up because we didn't know what was happening with my car but the good news is we got registered for our wedding at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Well we got about 1/4 way through the store and then the dealership finally called to tell me my car was ready. Turns out everything is fine, my wheels were just loose or something, i don't know i'm not into cars...

Thursday; I had planned on bringing lunch to Adam but when I went to get Addyson loaded in the car I realized I had no carseat. We put my carseat in my parents car since mine was going into the shop and never took it out. And of course Addyson thought she was going in the car so she was all excited only to be brought inside to wait for my parents to come get us. Adam and I finished registering at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and went to Target to get our "fun" items but ended up finding a ton of stuff for Addyson we wanted to buy right now! I guess this day wasn't so bad but I let down Adam because he was expecting lunch and ended up eating the nasty cafiteria food.

Friday; we had re-scheduled bringing Adam lunch and handing out our save-the-dates to all of his co-workers. Addyson and I hung out for a while but she started getting restless so we headed home. For dinner we were going to have Adam's middle brother Joe and his son over. It was nice for Adam to have a cribbage partner since I hate that game and Addyson liked playing with her cousin Logan.

So pretty much this week was stressful and annoying but I got a lot done! I hope you enjoy my weekend update better =)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Progress

Before I went on vacation I wanted to get some wedding things finalized so I could feel like I have accomplished something!

We went with my dad to pay the 2nd deposit on our ceremony/reception. While we were there we wandered around the hotel, it's nice to do just to keep excited! We also set up our food tasting at the hotel so that will be the first week in February. We are so excited!!

Adam FINALLY decided who his groomsmen and usher's will be. Huge sigh of relief since we are less then 5 months away and none of his guys knew anything! For those who care Adam's groomsmen will be...Brothers Joe & Curt will share the responsibility of Best Men. Adam has asked Joe to present the rings at the ceremony and sign the marriage license, and Curt will give the speech at the reception. Adam's "best" friend Evan will also be in the wedding party, as well as my brother James. (I haven't decided which of my bridesmaids will be walking with each groomsmen yet so I'll reveal that later).

Our Usher's will be my oldest brother Stephen and our friend Charlie, and our "Usherette?" will be my future sister in law Morganne. Initially we were going to have 4 ushers and 1 usherette but relationships have changed and I am looking long term here!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we booked our honeymoon!! My Grandpa blessed us with a one-week time share in the destination of our choice so after weeks of research and debate we finally decided on...

Santa Barbara Resort & Yacht Club in Pompano Beach Florida!!

The exterior

Each room has a private balcony, and did I mention there is a private beach??!!

The room with a full kitchen (that way we don't have to eat out for a week)

The sitting area in our room

The hotel pool and meeting area

We don't leave until the Friday after our wedding but then it's fun in the sun for one week. We are very excited to have this opportunity but leaving Addyson for an entire week will be tourture.

Until next time...

Holiday re-cap

This year we spent Christmas at my parents house, since we did Thanksgiving with Adam's family. We had three different celebrations; Part I at our house and my parents, Part II with Adam's brothers, and Part III at my parents house again.

We opened gifts at home with Addyson before heading out for the day. She is still a little young to fully understand what is going on but she still enjoyed opening all of her gifts and handing me the paper piece by piece. That afternoon we went to my parents house for a small celebration since my brother and sister-in-law were out of town for Christmas. Most of our time was spent in my parents newly finished basement playing pool and chasing Addyson.

Addyson posing with the gifts we had at home

We were able to meet up with both of Adam's brothers (at seperate times) to exchange gifts and catch-up the weekend after Christmas. We don't get to see them as often as we would like since they live further away then my family but we love them just as much =) Addyson loves to play with her cousin Patrick and try to put the paci in her newest cousin Ryan's mouth.

On Monday it felt like Christmas morning for real (Part III) and I woke up eager to get to my parents to celebrate with the entire family. All of her big gifts were at my parents so we brought my SUV to carry them all home. I still need pictures of her with her new kitchen and easel.

Jordan and Addyson waiting to open more presents

Addyson's new apron to cook meals in her new kitchen (or help mommy in the big kitchen)

New Years we just stayed home and finally opened the champagne we got for our engagement. Having a little one effects New Years plans because who really wants to babysit on New Years? Alas, it was nice to have a quiet night to finish the year with my loving husband-to-be.
Until next time...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am still alive

Hey blog world.

I just wanted to let you know I am still alive despite my absence for 2 weeks.

With Christmas, the New Year, and a very quick trip to LasVegas I just haven't had time to sit to update things on my computer.

Tomorrow I will try to get back into the grind! And hopefully with a completely new blog look =)

Until next time...