Monday, July 11, 2011

I will do better

So I haven't been on here in too long to mention.

We are now a family of four. Adam and I welcomed our son, Landon, on May 7 and he is absoultely perfect. I feel like our family is where it's supposed to be now. Does that mean we are done having kids? I'm not sure yet. But at the moment our family feels like the puzzle is complete and I am loving it. I really want to post more on my pregnancy, the struggles/emotions/joys/pain of this past year but it will have to wait.

This blog really is for me now. I have been struggling lately trying to find an outlet to vent while also trying to seek advice from other mothers and women of Faith. I need a forum to get emotions out when I can no longer hold them in. I need this. When I was here before I felt like it was just trying to compete and post pictures not really getting deep into anything really. Although when I did dig deep people got offended and things got confusing and really too much for me. Now I just don't care.

So, until next time...

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