Sunday, January 24, 2010


First off I have to admit that I am getting so excited about our upcoming wedding that all I want to do is talk about it, all the time. I don't know if every bride experiences this or if it is just me but it seems like all I have is wedding on the brain. Adam and I were just going over the budget, guest list, vendor list, etc. and it made me think that I need to start going over things to get the finalized!

I have an amazing florist who I completely trust --growing up in the city I did I just knew that this was the florist to go to--but when I opened up the attachment with my revised list there was missing information as well as incorrect information. Freak out moment.

(1) The most important wrong doing was they had my groom as someone else. What the crap?! The strange part is that I actually know the person who they put as my groom! He used to work with Adam and got married last December =)

(2) The color of my bridesmaid dresses is watermelon? What color is watermelon anyway?! Is it green? or pink? or maybe pink with black spots to represent seeds? Not exactly my style...

(3) They also had my flower girl dropping watermelon rose petals...again, what color is watermelon?!

(4) My boquet will consist of renaculas and red roses...oh wait, all of my flowers are supposed to be white/ivory/off-white/champagne

Just a slight irritation right now, I hope to get this squared away in the morning.

I would hate to go bridezilla on them but you don't mess with a stressed out bride, right?!

Until next time...

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  1. Ha ha, yes! I know what you mean. I think every bride goes through the obsession stage once the wedding starts coming closer. And I'm sure everything will be fine with flowers, hopefully they just switched up you and another wedding. Thanks for not making us wear watermelon dresses!