Sunday, January 31, 2010


What a fun weekend this has been!

One of the perks of Adam's job is he gets to talk with a lot of foreign countries. He specifially works with Germany and the Caribbean at the moment but he used to work with South Africa which leads me to our Friday night. We were able to meet up with a couple of South African business men here for a sales meeting at Adam's work! They were hilarious, it's amazing to talk with people from other countries just to see how different things are! We met up downtown and had drinks at RusticOven and dinner at Austins (all completely paid for because it was a "business" dinner!!). They had a great time admiring our daugher (and who wouldn't?! she's amazing!), and telling us stories from their interesting lives. One of the men, Lino, was born in Australia and then moved to Singapore where he met his wife who moved them to South Africa. It's amazing how different our cultures are because while we move from state to state it seems like most of the foreigners we have met move from country to country! It was an awesome experience for us to have and introduce Addyson to. I love his job =)

On a side note, Adam has become addicted to craigslist and I have to admit I am starting to share this addiction. We had a sectional in our apartment and it worked great but in this new house it just wasn't working with the floorplan. So on a whim I decided to put it up on craigslist and to my amazement we had multiple hits that night. We sold it Saturday morning for an amazing price and bought a new couch that afternoon! So, Saturday was spent moving furniture all around the state, but it was fun! Since we had such an eventful day we spent a quiet night at home and watched The Hangover (aka funniest movie ever!!!) for the 16th time since we bought it, we are a little obsessed. and I made a pan of delicious brownies with my super secret special ingredient, which reminds me I should go eat some right now...

Anywho, today we made a trip down to Adam's oldest brothers house to spend the day with them. Adam and Curt made their way down to the "man cave" to play video games so we sent the kids with them and headed off to the mall. My future sister-in-law Michelle agreed to come with me to finish Adam and my wedding registry at crate & barrel. It was so much fun bringing a girl to register! Because we could plan parties to use each of the items I was registering for, pure amazingness!! Then we made the usual "mom" stops of babies-r-us and sam's to pick things up for the kiddos. Curt and Michelle just had a little boy about 4 months ago and he is such a chunker! So adorable I just wanted to play with him the whole time, I love that age when they just stare and smile at everything you do!

This is going to be a very busy week ahead because I have wedding appointments along with 2 parties to plan next weekend and a night out with "the three best friends that anyone can have"! Very exciting things are coming!!!

Until next time...

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  1. I'm so glad you had a fun time! It's awesome to interact with people from other countries! I love it, too! And congrats on your new couch!