Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time to Vent

This week has really tried my patience and my sanity. While I was very productive this week it took a lot of will power to make it through each day along with nightly prayer to make the next day better.

Monday; started out promsing we had big plans for the week to get some wedding things accomplished. We got the tuxedo's for our wedding ordered and that is where the week started out bad. Anyone who has planned a wedding lately knows how much things cost but unfortunately our wedding party wasn't expecting the bill. I told my middle brother James who just got married in July how much it was going to cost and he was completely cool with it. I told my oldest brother Stephen how much it would be and he had a horrible reaction and as of right now he is out of the wedding. The story goes much deeper then that but I don't want to air my family's dirty laundry on a public blog.

Tuesday; my mom and I decided to make it a day and go shopping in Denver for mother of the bride dresses and accessories for the wedding. We agreed from the beginning not to complain about anything because we wanted to have a good day. And we did have a good day, until the drive home when she decided we needed to talk about the Stephen situation. There is just so many different sides of the story going on and so many things keep coming out that I didn't know about I just got frustrated for the rest of the day.

Wednesday; Addyson and I had some errands to run around town and my car decided to make this horrible klunking sound. I literally just spent a ton of money to get my car in complete working order and then it decides to crap out. So I called my dad to come rescue me because Adam was at work. I ended up taking it into the car dealership and spending the rest of the day at my parents waiting for the news. Adam had to pick me up because we didn't know what was happening with my car but the good news is we got registered for our wedding at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Well we got about 1/4 way through the store and then the dealership finally called to tell me my car was ready. Turns out everything is fine, my wheels were just loose or something, i don't know i'm not into cars...

Thursday; I had planned on bringing lunch to Adam but when I went to get Addyson loaded in the car I realized I had no carseat. We put my carseat in my parents car since mine was going into the shop and never took it out. And of course Addyson thought she was going in the car so she was all excited only to be brought inside to wait for my parents to come get us. Adam and I finished registering at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and went to Target to get our "fun" items but ended up finding a ton of stuff for Addyson we wanted to buy right now! I guess this day wasn't so bad but I let down Adam because he was expecting lunch and ended up eating the nasty cafiteria food.

Friday; we had re-scheduled bringing Adam lunch and handing out our save-the-dates to all of his co-workers. Addyson and I hung out for a while but she started getting restless so we headed home. For dinner we were going to have Adam's middle brother Joe and his son over. It was nice for Adam to have a cribbage partner since I hate that game and Addyson liked playing with her cousin Logan.

So pretty much this week was stressful and annoying but I got a lot done! I hope you enjoy my weekend update better =)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your wedding frustrations with your brother. I went through a terrible situation too. My brother boycotted my wedding (was supposed to be a groomsman) and didn't come. So I can kind of relate. And FYI, I hate cribbage too...haha. That game sucks!