Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have spent way too much time on the internet lately. The first day started looking at stamps of all things, like seriously who looks for stamps on the internet. The 2nd day was spent looking up hair styles for my wedding day. The 3rd day was spent looking for wedding bands for Adam (not like I would buy it without him trying it on but I wanted to get a price scoped out). And today was spent looking for fun beach clothes to bring on my honeymoon. Except now after looking at someone elses blog I found the urge to look at maternity delivery gowns...weird...

So, what else is new...

I had a great night out with two of my bridesmaids Courtney and Julia getting dinner, drinks, and going to a movie. We saw Avatar...not a fan...I might be the only one but I don't care. The visuals were impressive and everything but I didn't agree with the story line, and I don't care to go into any more detail then that!

I got things resolved with my brother on Monday through a heated discussion at a Noodles. Not everything can be forgotten but we are family and its important that we move on because I know I would hate not having him there. It feels good to have a complete wedding party again.

Monday was also my 7 year anniversary with Adam from when he asked me to be his girlfriend =) I can't imagaine spending my life with anyone else and it's amazing how far we have come over these 7 years. We have a beautiful home, an amazing daughter, and more blessings then I can count. I can't wait to marry him in 122 days!!! But who's counting anyway =)

Until next time...


  1. I think I will look at maternity delivery gowns! Thanks for the idea:) Also, holy crap 7 years is a long time. Congrats!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary. Cute blog by the way!