Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fair Weather Friends

I am so irritiated right now. That seems to be a regular trait of mine lately. Today my irritability is stemmed from what I like to call "fair-weather friends". I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. Those friends that are there for you for a week and then you don't hear from them for a month. It's like a fair weather fan where you love your team while they are winning but when they start to lose they are not your team anymore.

Luckily I was able to have a really good conversation with my very best friend Christie today. No matter what she has always been there for me. She was the first one I called when I found out I was pregnant (because as most should know it was not the ideal time for me). I'm pretty sure she knows all of my family's skeletons and I'm pretty sure I know all of hers. An interesting story is that she actually is the one who introduced me to Adam and encouraged me to go out with him. Adam came into our English class 2nd quarter because he had failed previously and sat with Christie because he knew her from math. I found him really annoying and really didn't want him sitting near me because he would always try to talk to me. Well soon enough he wanted to ask for my number and Christie encouraged me to give it to him. I guess you could say the rest is history.

I don't think anyone who reads this blog would know who I'm talking about when it comes to fair-weather friends. Adam and I are just having some issues with friends lately and it sucks since it is so close to the wedding and people we thought we knew are no longer the same.

Alas, this depressing post is coming to an end so I can devote my attention to the biggest loser.

Until next time...

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  1. Sorry :( I've had similar situations with friends that are really good at disappearing acts...