Monday, February 15, 2010

Harry & David

I am in a really weird mood right now! I have been go-go-go all day and can't seem to calm myself down!

I got all my wedding invitations addressed but I can't stuff them because I need stamps and the post office was closed today beause it's President's Day.

I bought Addyson's flower girl dress this morning! I am not going to post a picture because I want an element of suprise but it doesn't look like my dress, or my bridesmaids!! It's Ivory though with a chocolate brown sash, really cute, just need to find shoes for her and we're all set!

After I got so much wedding stuff accomplished I decided to buy my bridesmaid's necklaces just to get it over with and it's a good thing I took time to think about it because today they were 40% off!!

When we first moved into our house we painted the living room, kitchen, & addyson's room. For some reason I am in super painter mode again and have ideas for the un-touched rooms of our house. I want to do a super special secret paint treatment on Addyson's room, I started one before and I don't like it so I'm going to re-paint it =) I also painted the bathroom (Addyson's bathroom as we call it) a really pretty color green and I just have to wait for our wedding to get the new towells and shower curtain etc.

I have also set my sights on the laundry room because it's the first room when you come in from the garage so it deserves a little something special. I am thinking retro avocado...

I am full or randomness right now. I think I should go read to calm me down. Speaking of reading! I just read The Host by Stephanie Meyer (same author of the twilight series) and it was AMAZING! Who knew aliens could get me hooked?! They are making this book into a movie also, I can't wait to see who they cast as Ian and Melanie =)

Now I am onto The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold and I got into it immediately but it's very graphic now and I'm not sure how I feel about it, guess we'll have to wait and see at the end!

Harry & David, the title of this blog post. Harry & David is a store at the outlet mall that sells gourmet food and Adam and I went a little crazy this evening, but we had a coupon so it's ok. We got 2 boxes of truffles in different flavors and some dry soup mixes that I can't wait to try them out!!

These are the two flavors we got, weird coincidence

Ok, I think I'm done for tonight.

Until next time...

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