Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby #2: Part 2

We had an ultrasound when we reached week 36 and baby was still breech so I had no choice but to schedule a C-section. That meant having to switch to a doctor after meeting with a midwife the entire length of my pregnancy. We scheduled the C-section for May 1, 39 weeks, so that I could have the doctor who I saw with my first pregnancy deliver baby boy via C-section. After a few more appointments were set including pre-op and regular visits we had one more ultrasound to check position of baby. And wouldn't you know it at 38 weeks, just 3 days before my scheduled C-section, baby boy flipped over and all bets were off. We were back with the midwives to wait out his arrival.

At my 39 week appointment, Wednesday May 4, I measured at only 35 weeks. Our midwife was concerned so she had me schedule an ultrasound for the following day just to make sure that the baby's fluid levels hadn't dropped making it necessary for actions to be taken. On Thursday we had our ultrasound and fluid levels were within the normal range so she decided to do some additional measurements. I thought ok, i'm just going to have a small baby and he'll come when he wants to come everything is great. That was until she came back into the room and told me that my midwife wanted to speak with me.

Devastated. It turns out my baby boy was not growing like he was supposed to and it was a bigger issue then I thought. Out of concern for the health of the baby it was decided that I was to be induced on Friday @ 7 pm.

To be continued...

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  1. haha the "to be continued" really has me riveted! I need to know what happened next!