Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

While today has been EXTREMELY productive it has also been very stressful!!

After my huge wedding dress fiasco I thought nothing else could be as bad and I would make it through the rest of my wedding planning with smooth sailing.

That however, is not the case...

I find out this moring that the resturant we had reserved for our rehearsal dinner has been closed. Yes. Closed. Never to re-open again.

"Johnny Carino’s Italian Grill in **blank** shut its doors abruptly this morning closing down the 13-year-old eatery and putting about 40 employees out of work.
A note on the door, posted by 8 a.m., said that as of today the location had permanently closed."

While this is a road bump I would have liked to avoid at least it's 6 weeks before the wedding so I have time to find a new place. And luckily it was not as severe as my wedding dress thing...
In other news:

* We are still waiting on the arrival of nephew #2 from James and Alysha

* Adam is building picnic tables and I am selling them on craigslist, we have sold two so far. I am very proud of our little side business =)

* We just got a patio set with 6 chairs so I expect to be having bbq's very soon!

* I am still trying to choose colors for our master bathroom and bedroom. While I have decided on them Adam is the one still objecting. If I didn't need his help I would just do it myself!!

* I am making brownies at the moment because my house smells like garlic from dinner. I know I could just light a candle but brownies just sound soooo much better!!

* Adam and I came up with THE BEST gift for our groomsmen/ushers. Here is a little hint

That's all your gettin until after the wedding! Which is in 45 DAYS!!!

Brownies are done!!

Until next time...


  1. I think we're getting our patio set this weekend too! We need to do bar-b-ques this summer!

  2. Ugh - about your restaurant! Sorry :( But I'm glad you have plenty of time left!