Monday, April 5, 2010

Soap Box Monday

Things that annoy me:

Snow in spring

** It's just lame. I have decided to officially protest winter by wearing flip flops all the time, despite the 30 degree temperatures threatening to freeze my pretty toes off. I will only wear shoes when I go to work out. There I said it.

Buying things full price

** Seriously I had to buy Addyson some short sleeve shirts since the weather was warm last week and I couldn't find any at clearance at two stores so I ended up buying 2 at full price...granted they were only $4 each but still, when she only wears them for one summer that seems ridiculous.

The dog

** Baylee is Adam's dog, plain and simple. Even though we bought him togehter 5 years ago he never bonded with me like he did with Adam, probably because I left him and went to school in Wyoming for a year....He annoys me because when Adam is not home in the evening and I have to feed him he will just sit and stare at his food until Adam tells him it's ok to eat. He would rather starve then listen to me...

Finding a job

** I have done all that is asked of me. I have contacted every possible contact I can think of despite my embarassment and yet I still hear nothing. I thought things were looking up for me in this area but alas, still no job.

Things I am excited about!!


** Coming up in less then 2 months I will oficially be married to my high school sweetheart =) Plans are going famously and I have almost every tiny detail finished. The rehearsal dinner plans were finalized this morning, my dress got finished with alterations last week (and i still love it!), and most of the boys have already been measured for their tux!

The birth of my nephew!

** Any day now!! My sister-in-law went to the doctor today and she is dilated 2-3 cm (funny when my brother told me this he said inches!) and the doctor could feel his head! When James and Alysha had their first I was there for the entire process and it was amazing. I rushed down as soon as they told me contractions had started and 18 hours later Jordan James entered the world! I wasn't in the room but I heard his first little cry from outside the door and it brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to mee their new little boy!!

Projects, projects, and more projects

** Adam has been in super builder mode and told me to make a list of things that I want built for the house. So far he has done 2 picnic tables and will gather materials for the bookcase and bench this afternoon. I just wish I had something to do that would be helpful...I want some type of hobby but I don't have brain power to think of something. I guess my hobby is looking for jobs everyday and taking care of our wonderful baby girl.

I will post pictures from Easter weekend another day but I am just not in the mood to upload pictures and edit. We did have a blast though! Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons and it just keeps getting better =)

Until next time...

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  1. If my job would let me, I would wear flip flops everyday to protest too.