Thursday, April 8, 2010

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting...

Yesterday Addyson, my mom, and I went to help Alysha around her house before the baby comes. The nesting instinct has kicked in and she needed help moving things around the nursery since she can't lift, bend, or stand =)

Since we finished with house chores early I decided to commence in inducing Alysha's labor through every natural way I could think of.

After our relaxing lunch at Red Robin we decided to go to Off Broadway Shoes during which time Alysha started to have contractions. The more we walked the closer they got and they continued in the car on the way back to her house.

We decided to start timing the contractions with the use of the "Contraction Timer" App I downloaded on my phone. It told us the duration of the contraction and the frequency (or how many minutes they were apart). It was very helpful! We timed for two hours with consistent contractions every 2-3 minutes but Alysha didn't feel ready to the hospital. We decided to sit. And that's when the contractions slowed down....and got slower...and slower...and stopped. About 7:30 pm we were 15 minutes apart.

Since things slowed down so much we decided to head home and keep on stand-by for the night to see if any contractions would start again. And they did. About 12 A.M I got a text from James saying contractions have been 2-3 min. apart for an hour and a half and they were looking at going to the hospital. Six minutes later I got a message they were on their way.

Knowing the up's and down's of being in labor I decided to just stay at home and wait since we weren't sure if she would stay or not.

She measured the same as at the doctor last week so they monitored her for an hour and sent her home.

So that's where we are at this morning. My dad is at their house watching Jordan so James and Alysha can get some sleep after a long night.

Perhaps today will be the day that I have a new baby nephew?!?!

Until next time...

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