Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I need your opinion

I have a couple of options for flower girl dresses and a tux for my ring bearer and I need some help deciding which would look best together.

Option 1 dress:

Pros: It's really cute. The sash can come in chocolate brown to match the groomsmen. The fabric is a perfect match to my wedding dress (just not silk).

Cons: The smallest size they have is a 2T so I would have to get it altered

Option 2 dress:

Pros:Very similar to the first one but comes in a smaller size, also has a chocolate brown sash to match.
Cons: Not the same material but would match my bridesmaids.

Option 1 Suit:
Pros: Would match with the groomsmen perfect (except for the tie)
Cons: On the higher end of my price range
Option 2 Suit:
Pros: More comfortable for a toddler since it's a 3 piece suit.
Cons: Not as formal as the other suit would be
There they are, any comments would be appreciated. Let me know which combinations you like best!
Until next time...


  1. Ok, my opinion. IF it were me I think I would go with the flower girl dresses that don't need to be altered. I think the fabric matching the bridesmaids will be fine.
    Ring Bearer: I would go with the nicer, more expensive, tux cause nothing is cuter than a little boy matching all the men in his own little suit. Just my opinion though!

  2. Haha - I am laughing because my opinion is opposite of Courtney's! I think either combination would do, but I LOVE when the flower girl matches the bride, so I would go with the first dress and just get it taken in a bit. And for the ring bearer, it's super cute to have them in the tux, but if you're looking for places to cut in a budget then I would go for the 3-piece. So my vote is Dress #1 and Tux #1 unless you need to budget-cut, then Tux #2.

  3. Oh, I want a vote too! =) This is how ALL wedding decisions should be made. =)

    My vote is Dress #1 and Tux #2. I just LOVE that combination!