Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bridal Shower Weekend!

After a 2 hour drive to the airport (it should have taken 1) Adam and Christie made it safe to Colorado and to their respective homes =)

I know Adam just got back from a business trip but Christie was also in town so most of my weekend was spent at Christie's parents house.

On Saturday my bridesmaids Christie, Courtney, Julia, and I got together to make favors and some snacks for my wedding shower on Sunday. Times like that remind me of high school and how we had all the time in the world to hang out with little to no responsibilites...Courtney brought her sweet little puppy Willow so she was my distraction while the girls got to work on the bridal shower things =) When we got finished with everything Courtney had to head home so Julia, Christie, Aimee (Christie's younger sister) and I went out to dinner. Since Christie is not in town very often we wanted to go to places she can't get in Indiana, so Saturday was Jim's wings night! Jim's wings is a staple in this college town and we got hooked in high school. They used to have a special on Monday's of .25 cent wings which meant we were always at someone's house on Monday's eating wings and watching TV while doing "homework".

Sunday was my bridal shower and I first off have to thank everyone who was there, you all made my day very special and I will never forget it. Christie and I had prepared this menu and everything turned out beautifully. We had a chocolate fountain with many different "dippers" and a few savory items along with frozen peach punch =) It was delicious! I would put pictures but I have to blame Courtney for not sending them to me yet =) It was a blast and we didn't stop the party when everyone left.

Adam brought Addyson over to pick me up and we ended up staying there until 930 when we had to get home since it was Sunday and Adam had to work at 630 the next morning. Since Jim's was on Saturday we decided to pick up food from Big City Burrito on Sunday. I freaking love Big City. But the only good one to eat at is in my hometown. The ones in the surrounding cities is just not...dirty enough...=) there is just something about hippies and mexicans that make it excellent!!

This weekend was just perfect and I can't thank those who participated enough for making it so memorable!

Yesterday we went through our gifts and got them distributed throughout our house or put away to exchange/return. So this afternoon we will head into town to do some shopping and hopefully finalize our wedding favors so I can cross another thing off my list! I need to get my wedding progams finished too so if anyone has creative ideas on how to spice them up I would appreciate it!

Until next time...

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I agree - there's nothing like FOCO Big City! We have one in Aurora, and we eat at it like once/month out of necessity and withdrawals, but it doesn't compare much to the gross one in the Fort! lol.