Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Birthday Princess

Yesterday was my little baby girls 2nd birthday. I simply can not believe that she is TWO! How did time go so fast?!

I don't feel like blogging about her first two years but instead I would like to share her birth story =)

My contractions started at about 11 pm on March 1. I wasn't really sure what was going on because I never had so much as a braxton hicks contraction so I just went to bed and tried to sleep. There is no other way for me to describe it other then uncomfortable. Any direction I laid down I just couldn't get comfortable so rather then toss and turn to keep Adam up I moved my pillow and blanket to the living room.

I got some sleep here and there but about 2 a.m on March 2 I woke up and decided to try and time what I thought were contractions just to see how much longer this was going to take =) I decided to get in the shower because I thought the warm water would loosen my muscles so I can get some sleep.

** the following paragraphs will be full of too much information =)
After my shower I decided to call the doctor because the few days before I had a discharge and I thought it was my mucus plug but it had kept coming over the next few days so I wanted some reassurance.

The on-call nurse thought my "bag of waters" might be leaking so I should come in to get it checked out (even though I knew it wasn't my water breaking I just wanted to know what was going on so I agreed to go). So I woke Adam up at about 3:30 a.m and we headed into the emergency room. Let me just say that during all of our birthing classes when they explained what doors to go into during the off hours I didn't pay attention, because in my mind I would never go into labor in the middle of the night so it didnt matter, right? wrong.

I got checked out in hospital and I was only at 2 cm dilation so the said they would hold me for an hour to see if I made any progress and we would go from there. Well, an hour later I was at 5.5cm and had no idea. By 6:00am my water had broke on it's own (WEIRDEST feeling ever! btw) and I was set to have our baby girl on my due date =)

I never had an intention either way of doing a natural birth or using some type of epidural so when the time came I just decided to try it out and see if I could do it without any drugs. We walked the halls of the hospital and watched TV and by noon I was at 9cm and ready to get pushing.

My contractions were never an even interval apart so I had no idea if I was progressing or not so when they started prepping the room for delivery it hit me that this baby will offically be out and in my arms within a couple of hours and I would have to do it completetly natural because it was too late for an epidural.

To be completely honest the pain was not that bad until I got scared and at that point I was just begging my Mom and Adam to pray for me. Between each push I would take a drink of water and say a prayer and just ask for reassurance that this is what my body is made for and I can do it. And I did.

Addyson Jean was born at 1:23 p.m on March 2, 2008.

She has changed our lives in so many ways I can't even list them and yet we can never imagine life without her. It is impossible to go through a day without smiling because she brings such joy to our lives in all of the little things that she does. While I hate to see her grow up so fast I am amazed to see the personality that has come out of such a little girl.

So, Happy Birthday to the best thing that has ever happend to me, my precious little girl, Addyson Jean.


  1. Wow, that is a crazy story. It is making me pretty jealous right now. Props to you for doing it naturally..and you made it sound so doable! Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday to addyson:)

  2. I remember that day! I still can't believe she is already two.