Monday, March 8, 2010

Most Boring Weekend EVER

Last week we had a lot going on becasue of Addyson's 2nd birthday. Last year we went to Toys-r-us/Babies-r-us and got her a birthday crown and baloon so we decided to make it a tradition and go again this year. We decided to opt out on the balloon however because she already has enough at home from her party=) We wandered around Toys-R-Us forever letting Addyson pick out a special birthday toy and ended up getting her a plastic chair and some sand toys, we tried to talk her into getting a pool or something but all she wanted was the chair for $6. Who am I to argue?!

On Thursday I went to Courtney's house for a relaxing night with the girls and it was so much fun. We made an amazing dinner together, Courtney in charge of the shrimp scampi, I was in charge of the pasta side, and Julia cut up fruit. While we were making dinner Courtney started to get a phone call from a number not listed in her phone. We all stared at it for a while and thought we recognized the number but didn't want to answer it until the last possible second. It was a good thing Court did answer it because it was Esther RSVP'ing to my bridal shower on the 21st! It was pretty funny. We spent the rest of the night talking and playing with Willow and watching Pam have her baby on The Office. I love our random nights together, and I am even more excited for our melting pot date tonight!! We have had this planned for about a month and I am just glad the night is FINALLY here, can't wait to get some yummy cheese and chocolate mouth is watering

I hate admitting this on my blog because of fear of screwing something up but I had a job interview on Friday and it went absolutely amazing! I had 3 people interviewing me and it just went really good. It was an hour long interview but I think that was just becasue we ended up chatting after the regular job interview questions were over. I hate to jinx myself but one of the interviewers said that if it were up to her then they would be done interviewing after me because I did such a great job. I know, shocking, I suprised myself. I think it helped that I had some of my nearest and dearest friends and family sending out prayers for me so I owe a huge thank you to all of those thinking of me at noon on Friday. Also thank you Lord for calming my nerves and giving me confidence to do such a good job.

Here is my fear however, I had to tell them all the time that I had planned for vacation for the next 12 months and I told just my honeymoon. They just got excited for me that I am getting married but it still makes me nervous that this could be applied to my availability and they wouldn't like that I have to take time off so soon. I would like to have an "oh well/it wasn't meant to be" attitude but I really need this job to work out for my little family. So some additional prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated as I try to stay calm throughout the rest of this week waiting for an answer.

This weekend was...the most boring weekend ever. Addyson came down with a cold on Saturday so we didn't really want to bring her out on Sunday so I spent the day nursing my sick little girl and reading "Everyone Worth Knowing" by Lauren Weisberger.

Alas it is time to sign off because my kitchen is a wreck and Addyson needs some quality cuddle time with her favorite mommy =)

Until next time...


  1. So many things I want to comment on with this post!
    1. We should do dinner nights more often! We can take turns cooking at each other's houses.
    2. You forgot to mention that we spent a good part of the night making fun of our senior yearbook.
    3. I am SO anxious to hear about your job too, you have to let me know when they call you. I felt the same way when I was interviewing before our wedding. I had to ask for two weeks off and I had only been there a little under two months. They were really understanding about it though so hopefully it will be fine.
    4. I had NO IDEA that book existed! I'm going to the library tomorrow to pick it up!
    5. We still need to start our book club.

    This is the longest comment I have ever left on someone's blog so I apologize.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :) We LOVE the melting pot!! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Mmm sounds so good!