Sunday, March 14, 2010

Missing him already...

Addyson and I dropped off Adam at the airport this morning for his 5 day business trip to Iowa. I am very sad. That might sound really dumb and loserish but we haven't spent 5 days apart in probably over 3 years. I know he is going to do great at his kaizan this week but I already wish he was home with us right now...

So, what are my plans for this week? Absolutely nothing.

Today all Addy and I have done is sleep and watch movies all day. Waking up early on daylight savings is just a recipe for disaster without plenty of naps throughout the day.

I will need some type of adult interaction this week so I will probably end up at my parents for dinner one of these nights.

The good news is on Friday I get to pick up 2 people at the airport! Adam comes in at 540 and my matron of honor Christie comes in just an hour earlier! Christie will be in town just for the weekend to throw my bridal shower for me on Sunday.

Hopefully this week will go by fast I just need to find some distraction!

Until next time...

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